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Before my day end,

Thank you for every birthday wishes! Really really much appreciated :3

I’m sorry that I have locked my Facebook’s timeline because I don’t want people spammed and then I can’t reply all and say ‘thank you’ for every wish. And then might miss out those wishes from friends who I quite close with. So better locked it up and I open my inbox. HAHA! It’s easier for me to reply. Teehee.

So everyone was thinking I will go for party to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Perhaps, I might disappointed you by saying NO? I didn’t intend to celebrate actually and just wanna spend time with my family and beloved friends. Too bad of all, all of them are overseas. :-/

There are quite many people like asking me why am I like becoming so good girl and no more party queen. Nah, first of all, last few years I was still single and free lol. So ofc play harder! LOL. And now, I have a love ones and ofc it’s my responsible to make him feel secure and less worry la what else? LOL.

Anyway, my boyfriend is not those freaks who control partners like a dog. I’m still free and easy. I still can go for party but only with friends whom he know and trustable ( so among all only the usual gang that he allows me to go with, lol )

Second, at the same time I had already bored with the life of last time. Sleeping late life fuck and wake up pretty late too. No for now. -_____- I don’t know myself is old already or sick of those unhealthy lifestyle. Somehow this is a good way. Every night, I sleep at 11pm the earliest, latest is 1am unless I fatt shen jing have insomnia then different story. But most of every nights I sleep at 12am LOL. Wake up at 7 or 8 in the morning. So freaking healthy.

So I just had some simple dinner and lunch with girlfriends.

Chienwei, your camera loves me. LOL. And impressed by my skin. HAHAHAHA! I didn’t apply any foundation or bb cream o. Thanks for the night littel girls. Omg, I’m the oldest among them. Nevertheless, it’s so funny that Kityi thought I’m younger than Chienwei. HAHAHAHA! 😛 Forever young, 22 is just a number!

Cassy <3 . Thank you for spending the day with me and had simple celebration with me. We have more to come okay? Remember we have same dream and keep work hard okay? :3 Thank you for your little pressie and it’s sho cute. Once I come back I will let you know. So for the mean while, you stay at UTP and study rocks first. LOL. Mwahhhh!!!!

And also all the birthday wishes from all of you!! Yes, anyone who wished me. I did reply ALL and say thank you sincerely. Almost faint.

I’m blessed. Really, I’m blessed.

Thankful to have the greatest mummy on the earth. I’m so sorry for behaving rude to you sometimes, especially in the past. 🙁 Promise to control my temper, and ofc you too. 😛 Your temper really like a bomb. HHAHAHAHA!

Thank you for bringing me to this beautiful world on this special day! :3 I love you always. And promise to cook more for you. HAHAHA! Made her pek cek half way because I don’t know how to cut ginger. -___-

This was when she teased me. -___- Nah, I did sweep and mop the floor lo. Very clean that one!

Thankful to have greatest sisters! Thanks da ga jie for your cute little cake for me to blow just now. LOL. Though she said she feel like eating the cake only buy. -_____- Troll la troll more!

And younger sister too! Thank you for your birthday message.

She sent me ‘Happy birthday sohai.’ See la, nowadays the kids so rude. I remember when I still young I hated her so much and keep bully her and tease her. Now it’s her turn to bully me. Karma it is. Nvm, she knows i sayang her very much. :3

Thankful to have this little mei mei at home too!!! She’s such a darling. Omg. But now getting naughty naughty and stepped on everyone’s face like boss. And super excited when see food. I think she herself also couldn’t control herself. LOL. Guai ar, Jie jie will buy you more toys and massage you. :3

Thank you little mei mei. Thank you for sayang me by licking my face. -__- I’m sensitive to your saliva darling. Dogs are really human’s best friend. Please stop abuse animal la! I saw some articles about animal abuse that appeared in my news feed. God please save the world. @@

Of course, not to be missed out. My usual beloved gang. ( This is the gang that I can only go party with ) Thank you for the wishes and please believe me I can drive now. -_______-

Tadanggg. Best gift from God ever. 😀 Thank you for what you did for me, though the surprise failed. But I appreciated your heart for arranging it. Super looking forward to receive the parcel right now! I really blessed to have you. How much you sayang me I really know one, can feel. ^.^ Thank you babyy, I love you always.

And we will meet soon. 🙂 Of course, I want more presents. HAHAHAHAH! :3 Nah, joking.

Last but not least, I wish myself can smile like this, like what I did every day for now. Keep positive and good things will come. Work hard and play hard!

22, is just a number. I’m forever young. :3



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