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Blink of eyes, the first month of January has come to the end! TIME WHY YOU PASS SO FAST?!

Enter the month of February, I’m excited for Chinese New Year! Other than that, I’m excited for

Valentine’s Day!

^.^V Win already, no more forever alone on this day. Because I got people want dy. T_______T Touched. *Sniff sniff Anyone can hand me tissue? HAHAHAHA. Well, boyfriend and I no plan for valentine’s yet. Hmmm.

Anyway, we had a candle light dinner earlier as we too despo to try out the food of the fine dining. And baby boy always said I never dress up whenever I out with him. True, I always t-shirt and jeans, hair never comb nicely and bare face. 😛 So yea, I have to dress up nicely for this dinner if not he will kill me! LOL. He complaint a lot. 😛

Here’s the #ootn for that night.

Whole body outfit is being sponsored. Imma happy girl!

#ootd #ootn:
Zaira Printed Top in Black Gold from IHF
Black Leather Studded Skirt from IHF
Brittannia Studded Sling from Alicewonders.com
T-strap Red Heels from MultiColette

For hair, if you wanna know. PRETTY WAVY HAIR BY MYSELF. 😛

Black and gold is my current addiction! Best combination for elegant!

So this studded bag is my major love from Alicewonders.com! I felt so excited to open the parcel when I received it and it never disappointed me with quality and the design!! Besides, it also came along with long strap and short strap. 🙂

Thank you Alicewonders.com for this fashion tips on how to dress up with this bag!

So guys! Headache on what to get for you girlfriends on Valentine’s? I have a good idea for you here!

Here you go!

Alicewonders.com will be giving full surprise for your girlfriends!

For each bag purchased, you will get a FREE RED ROSES INSPIRED EARRING which hand made by Red Clover!! It’s the new alternative to the fresh roses that don’t last the week. Yayyy! So your girlfriend can keep the roses forever. 😛 Better you can save the money of buy fresh roses which will wilt in three days and purchase bags from Alicewonders.com instead of, and get a free roses inspired earrings.

In case you wonder, here’s how the sweet roses earring look like,

Red roses earring

And comes in pink also!

Isn’t sweet? Awww

If your girlfriend is not fan of pink nor red, you can have BLUE!

So pretty right!!!!

Other than that, Alicewonders will do the FREE gift wrap with a card handwritten with your personal message! Alice believes in spreading the message of love in a pretty box and a red bow!!

Just imagine, girlfriend’s surprise face. :3

Mad Hatter says, BUY MORE AND SAVE MORE!
FREE SHIPPING ABOVE RM80 for all registered users at www.Alicewonders.com.


Go shop now at Alicewonders.com to surprise your girlfriend!!! Surprise needs early planning so just do it now and the plan works perfectly on Valentine’s Day!

For girls, happy styling with bags from Alicewonders.com!!! To catch boyfriend’s heart. HAHAHAH! SHOP NOW SHOP NOW SHOP NOW! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Like their facebook page as well for more updates and more styling tips from them!!!



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