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I guess a few of you heard of this blogshop before right??

I can find many stuff that I love there. One of them will be the Fred Perry Grey tote.

 This quality of this bag is good. Real good it’s worth the price!

See the bag is big enough for me. I always purchase big bag rather than the small one. Because every time I go out, I will bring a bottle of water with me to remind myself drink more water and save money on beverages also. HAHAH! And so my hand cream, mirror, handphone and etc. You know, girls’ handbag. o(^^o)
I experienced this before, the handle of the handbag was too ‘fragile’ and broke due to the heavy load. It broke when I was shopping with friends, so embarrassed please. And also forced to buy a new one on the spot, takkan you carry a broken handbag to do shopping. 
So yea, it’s a must to check on the bag’s handle if it can withstand with the load. Okay, checked! It can carry all the things!  = ̄ω ̄=   Happy.
This one edited for fun ♥. Teehee. I has the feeling. ╭(╯ε╰)╮
Second will be the 3 pairs of Topshop earrings. Besides they have the Chanel earrings too!
 *left one ‘R’ Sorry for the typo. (>_<)
 These three are loveliness! My mum love them too! ♥ ♥ ♥
The third one will be the most love among all! Champion of all.
Celebrity bracelet (Tiffany colour) Why it is my most loved among all? Teehee. Don’t ever look down on this little thing. It has many ways to wear this!
First ofc, as a bracelet. Need not to mention right? 
Second, as the headband. Teehee. Very easy to wear it only, just round it on your head and tied a knot. That’s it! Or if you want to hide the knot, 
You can pull out your hair to cover it. Don’t worry, the outcome is good!
Amazing, it can wear as hairband also. Nice right??? 一石三鳥  ╭(╯ε╰)╮
Then you will have the unique hairband. Different with other people. I guess you cant find a hairband like this in the market now. Lolololll.
If your head is smaller than mine, you can make two rounds on your head! It will be nicer. I cant do two rounds, head too big. @( ̄- ̄)@
So do your purchase this bracelet now from Vogue Maison! There are other colours for this too! Bloody cheap right??? I think it’s cheap and can wear it in many ways.
Besides, I also got some other pretty things from them. And I planned to give away all these accessories! (exclude the celebrity bracelet 😛 ) Anybody wants ar? If nobody wants, I keep for myself. 😛 Too pretty all the things!
Besides accessories, Vogue maison also selling other pretty stuff like clothings. Quickly do your shopping there! Kindly like their page!

***UPDATE*** :
I have divided the accessories into three big groups for the give away since I had some feedback from readers that they want the accessories. ^^V Some I kept for myself and sister. Sorry :-S

I also added the Sasa eye mask and face mask in because I cant use them. Skin sensitive cant use wtf so yea, decided to include them also.

Set 1: Intensive Sparkling Eye Mask; Mustache ring, Ribbon ring, Bicycle ring(black); Topshop Ribbon earring; Necklace pink ribbon. 

Set 2: Anti-oxidant Regeneration Eye Mask; Owl rinng, Mustache ring, Bicycle ring(silver); Heart-shaped earring; Necklace black ribbon.

Set 3: Red Wine Moisturizing&Rejuvenating Mask; Celebrity Bracelet (tiffany colour); Mustache ring, Dove ring; Topshop Rose earring

How to join:

Step 1: Comment under this blogpost. Tell me ‘Why you love accessories?’ (Your comment can be ridiculous. HAHAHA! No limitation.)

Step 2: Tweet this, ‘Im joining @nicccchang ‘s accessories giveaway!’

Easy? Yes, very easy. Just these two steps. I will let my mum to choose the three most creative comments. The most creative among the three is allowed to choose the set she wants. 

p/s: Please leave me your twitter name and email address in your comment too!

Good luck! :-* Contest ends at July 15.

So faster drop your comment here! If no one join, then I keep myself. HAHAHA!

Burst face to end this post. Bye bye. 

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  • Ng Mun Yee 說:

    so pretty o, gonna be a famous m’sia blogger liao xD

  • Samantha Kongq 說:

    Can I have one? Liking the black bracelet with the sparrow charm. 😛

  • Alien 說:

    arr! i like the way u put it as a headband! lovely! 😀

  • Fish Hmy 說:

    can i have 1? i like the mustache rings ! 🙂

  • Yeeingng 說:

    I wanttttttttttt the blue band u put round your head!! Pretty babe 🙂

  • hildamilda 說:

    The ribbon necklaces look pretty 😀 Wahhh so many mustache rings!

  • FiSh SzeHui 說:

    ah want!! 😀 when can participate~

    Latest: Legendary Menu of Dragon

  • Caroline Ng May Ling 說:

    Ooh I love accessories! You know when you’re not a fashionista and do not really know how to dress up, putting up accessories is the easiest way to spice up your look! And that’s explain how much I love accessories! 😛

    @carolinemayling – carolng1989@gmail.com

  • Alien 說:

    Why I love accessories eh?

    Haha, well I guess every single girls in the world love accessories, but I am really crazy, madly in love with accessories! I just love to mix and match all the accessories and wear it to show off to everyone! Everyone will just look at my accessories, jeli jealous craving for my accessories! Muahaha, the feeling is like a total ROCK-STAR, where everyone will just stare at my beauty? haha, my accessories I mean! =P

    Pick me pick me pick me! =DD

    Email add : sharon_1193@hotmail.com
    Twitter name : Shar_ren

  • NicoleCheng 說:

    I LOVE ACCESSORIES BECAUSE… It pump up my fav pieces from so-so to so, so, so awesome!! and i think accessories play up our pretty, they are fully functional!! (╯▽╰)

    Twitter : @nicolecwq
    email : nicolecwq@gmail.com

  • I love accessories because Vogie Maison’s accessories are super seducing ! It captures my eyesight when I flipped through their album ~ If I wanna be a fashionista girl,accessories can’t be lefted out from list … Girls go superb with accessories in their outfit everyday… No accessories, no pretty look ! No accessories = no outfit of the day ! Haha =D Rock for Accessories !!

    Twitter : Esther_0410
    Email : esther_bi0410@hotmail.com

  • chow michelle 說:

    I have the same bag! It goes very well with every outfit I wear!

  • 93PieApple 說:

    I love accessories because niccchang loves `em too ! And niccchang`s mummy loves niccchang = loving niccchang`s accessories = loving me. LOL doesn`t make sense. HAHAHA

  • Fione Ooi 說:

    I love accessories because I saw Nicole Chang wear it and she look very sweet with the earing.I hope I might look the same like her in that way? HAhA and in addition, I always wanted a pair of earing. I meant I kinda lazy to choose earing in the mall. very small and tiny. So is good to see in a picture in Nicole Chang blog 🙂

  • HenRy Lee 說:

    woot woot! nice giveaway! 😀

  • missy missy 說:

    You’re a santarina!

  • MARY CHEE 說:

    I love accessories and every girls love it. Nicole Chang makes me learn a lot about accessories. A bracelet can tells lots of stories with different ways to wear and do with the bracelet.. PLus, I want a earring for myself but currently I have no money to afford it.. Nichole chang influence me to wear it on now..

    EMAIL : white-fairytales@hotmail.com
    TWITTER : https://twitter.com/#!/emikoloves (@EMIKOLOVES)


  • Elizabeth Toh 說:

    I love accessories cuz when I was a little girl, my mum told me that different accessories inspire different look, even though you wear the same outfit over and over when you go out. I love accessories because it can help me save a lot of money on buying clothes by being creative with accessories.

    Email: admin@cleffairy.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/cleffairy

  • Maxloon120 說:

    I don’t love accessories but my girlfriend do. So this entry is for her!^^
    I found out that accessories is the one that always did the magic, help the girls to become even more nice looking, confident and happier. Ripley’s believe it or not.. by getting them the correct accessories, they surely will very excited! But the thing is, they keep on changing the accessories, 看一个买一个@@||| Hahah but im still ok with it-lah, so cheers!^^

  • Pei Ching Ng 說:

    i love accessories because they wouldnt be outdated in fashion yet i can mix and match with the outfits that i will usually wear and eventually the accessories become my priority and i will wear them out for my casual dating with my girlfriends as my clothes are simple, plain and casual. with the accessories they enable me to be more extraordinary and confident! =D so rock on with the accessories!

    twitter: peiching_dare_u
    email: peiching92@gmail.com

  • Wendy Pua 說:

    I love Accesories because it is the way to outstanding U & Wow Person!

  • Wilee 說:

    I love accessories because they makes me look like a christmas tree so that I can get people to put presents around me HAHAHA no la I really love them because a simple but outstanding accessory is what differentiate yourself from the others 🙂

  • wilee 說:

    By the way I like set 3! Both moustache ring and celebrity bracelet are my top love naoooo.

    twitter: @wilee_t
    email: wilee_t@hotmail.com

  • Nicole Chang 說:

    too bad lor. you cant use them LOL

  • carenecheang 說:

    I love accessories including earrings, bracelets, hairbands, watches and rings because all these contribute in a secondary manner to the wearer’s outfit. To some extents, the right accessories matching with our outfits able to create a signature fashion style that’s entirely our own. Undoubtedly, accessories make us looked complete and appealing to others apart from adding a fashion taste on us.

    Here are few substitutional reasons that why I love accessories: earrings could make others to focus on them rather than the wearer’s weakness (e.g. to cover up portion of my round face); watches make me looked fashionable and give people an impression that I am always punctual on time; hairband helps making my curly hairs more organized and yea, I like the blog owner ; Nicccchang who just gave me the COOL idea of using bracelets as hairbands; nice necklace makes. Meanwhile, nice necklaces with special pendants will compliment our outfits especially when we attend parties or grand dinner. Outstanding accessories can attract others to pay attention on us at least for few seconds.

    Every girl regardless her age will definitely love to have some collectibles or accessories that could make her looked more pretty, gorgeous, and confident! By all mean, we not only able to express ourselves through these nice accessories which add bonus marks on us; but also impress others! Accessories are definitely girls’ beloved items! Viewing or window shopping for accessories can also make our day! XD

    EMAIL ADD: winterdecember_33@hotmail.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/carene19 (carene19)

  • carene19 說:

    The set 3 is really nice la.. I can’t resist thinking of them! huh~~

  • fuckoff nicolechang 說:

    I’m wondering why you like to copy other’s style?pls don’t be a copycat,and trying to be popular like chuckei or xiaxue
    you are not pretty like them~you really bitch

  • Nicole Chang 說:

    how about you? you pretty? Copy? What do you mean by copy? You go and dig a fucking post from them which is same with this post and prove me. 🙂

  • Koh Kian Fai 說:

    I like all of them! 😀

  • Nicole Chang 說:

    LOL. you cnat wear. xD

  • Angeline Ng 說:

    Why I love accessories? Easy.
    Because they are extraordinary pretty depending which outfit you gonna match before you head out. Accessories is a MUST have for every female no matter how old are you or how youthful you are! 🙂 Accessories is like a add-in outfits like a plain painting canvas that needs some shading and blending to get the perfect realistic painting either maybe some add-ons to create more creative and beautiful outcome. Accessory brings out the confidence for every female and it can also make a huge difference too.
    WHO SAY YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT ACCESSORY? I can’t. either you too, right? If I got the set 3 I’ll give you hugs and kisses, a zillion times? Nah, I think you get disgusted by me. LOL. Or maybe hugs and kisses to your mum? errrr…..MAYBE. (sorry I think I’m kinda lame, fml)
    Okays, I think brag too much. Anyways, I prefer the set 3 a lot, because of the awesome multifunction bracelet you introduced. 🙂 Okay, stop talking. Nice blog by the way! 🙂
    My blog: http://angelineng92.blogspot.com/My email: angelineng_92@hotmail.comMy twitter: http://www.twitter.com/angelineng92

  • Ginny Hana 說:

    I love accessories because I’m a style addict. Stylist doesn’t elaborate stories of why they wear accessories, but a little bit of mix and match accessories enhance our style. With plainly clothes, it gonna be too dull. To successfully create a sleek and stylish look, that’s what accessories is called.
    With the same plain clothes, we can turn girlish, hipster, hippie or novelty with the changes of accessories. That’s why accessories are important to me. Please Nicole, I can’t resist to have them into my collection. Will you give me at least one set? *puss in boots begging eyes*

    Twitter: @ginnyhana
    Email: mail.iamginny@gmail.com
    Blog: http://iamginny.com/

  • yunice_see154 說:

    i like to wear accessories because i like to wear lot of stuff at my hand, i like to hear the sound when they bang together xDD besides, i have skin allergy, my skin always have scars, so the accessories can help to cover the scars, ppl will focus at the nice accessories and forget about my scars, like the Tiffany color celebrity bracelet, it already can cover a big area of my hand. xDD

    email: yunice_see154@yahoo.com
    Twitter: yunicevy

  • amy 說:

    Set 1: Intensive Sparkling Eye Mask; Mustache ring, Ribbon ring, Bicycle ring(black); Topshop Ribbon earring; Necklace pink ribbon.

    Why you love accessories?

    I love because i like to collect a lot of different types of accessories,especially the celebrity bracelet make me pop out my eye lol..cause I just realize wow this bracelet can hv lots of pattern but I not choosing set 3 cause it gonna be alot of babes choose so I choose set 1 cause i’m still a ribbon lover…cheers..

    twitter @ Babychery92


  • AmilyMay 說:

    Set 1: Intensive Sparkling Eye Mask; Mustache ring, Ribbon ring, Bicycle ring(black); Topshop Ribbon earring; Necklace pink ribbon.

    i love accessories because with all the accessories on, i can make myself more prettier and confidence. Imagine u r wearing a plain white lace dress, of cos u have to put on some necklace, earrings and bracelet right? or else it will be like so empty or plain for a good. so im so desperately to have the set of accessories to dress up myself like u.

    twitter : AmilyMay
    email: mynyeo@hotmail.com

  • Rane Chin 說:

    I love accessories because they turn me from a nerd to a fashionista! Twiter name: Rane Chin Giveaway twit: https://twitter.com/ranechin/status/223369017459617793 Email add: waiyee.chin@gmail.com

  • XiaoWen916 說:

    wow..spotted mine !
    RIBBON ! I a BIG BIG ribbon lover.. i hope everything of me can have ribbon..
    I want to be a Ribbon collector..the shoes of mine,not matter is heels,sandals,or others,almost all are ribbon..not to say ALL,but ALMOST..i searching for ribbon purse too… so happy to see my ribbon stuffs getting more and more. Ribbon can make a girl more girlish ,not too mature,not too childish,that’s why i love ribbon so much. The bicycle ring is so cute too ,as i have a bicycle that i use to cycle to campus,imagine how cute that i cycle a big bicycle and i wearing a small bicycle on my finger.. 😀 I do get myself a nick name as Ribbonie..hehess.. Why i love accessories? Accessories can make oneself outstanding…with the accessories,you r no more simple as others,but u r different from them ,accessories can create your own different style.
    Twitter: XiaoWenL
    Email : xiaowen916@hotmail.com

  • miss 說:

    I love accessories because they comes with lots of variety like cute , elegant and even quirky one like the moustache ring you ar giving away ! and accessories help to enhance our outer beautyyy,most importantly is that it serve as “gravitational force” of ATTRACTIONS! example, even how fugly you looked, when you go out and wear very nice bunch of accessories with you, those bling bling one preferable, then people will start looking at you and thinking wow ” that girl is so so but her accessories damn nice! ” , come on who cares la what they think, as long as people are attracted to you and are LOOKING AT YOU! you just be more perasan and tell yourself ppl are looking at you because of your pretty pretty face, not your accessories *self comfort * lol But then this time i love accessories because they looked nice on you, if they can looked so nice on you, i think it will look nice on me too right? Plus you got the accessory that i craved for, even if i didnt win them, i will dream about them tonight. hehe

    email : don4gtme@hotmail.com
    twitter : https://twitter.com/ourstoryforever

  • miss 說:

    twitter : @ourstoryforever

  • Kelvin Tan 說:

    Nope, never heard of Vogue Maison before. 😛 LOL.

    The bracelet looks great especially when you put as headband. Haha

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