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What I Learnt from Cinderella Movie 2015

By 三月 16, 2015亂亂想

cinderella movie review  (2)
I always love Disney movie and will never get bored with it.

Speaking about movie, I prefer Disney and Cartoon more. This is because:

#1 It simple and direct:

As I don’t need to crack my head to think, movie is for relaxing dude! I hate to watch a movie that require me to think a lot. So Disney or cartoon will definitely be my first choice.

#2 It’s simply more attractive

I don’t know why. I think that it’s more interesting than other kind of movie lololll!

I stumbled upon the trailer of Cinderella on Facebook. After I watched it, I was like,

I must watch this or else I just can’t be peace.

Lol! And yay! I watched it and I think it’s still as good as it is meant to be. The storyline is definitely same with the cartoon version. However I still never get bored with it. Just imagine, I can watch Frozen for like thrice and still can watch for the fourth, fifth and many more times!

There are two simple things that we can learnt from Cinderella. I guess it’s very direct right? That’s what I want from the movie wth. Two simple things, be kind and be courage.

It’s very to sad that, everyone of us has yet to be kind and courage. I can say, none of us.

#1 Be kind

cinderella movie review  (1)Speaking about be kind, I believe not everyone can be kind. We can’t put the blame on us as the world is too complicated and complex and there’s too much of negativity. We can’t trust everyone around us. How to be kind if you can’t trust someone right?

Even I myself can’t be kind to everyone. I just can’t be kind to the extent of I’m willing to give anything just to help you. NO! Well, we are human being, what do you expect dude?

So how to be kind? If you still remember my previous blog post (Read: 5 things You Should Do for A Purposeful Life)

A very simple example. A beggar at the roadside is begging for money. Will you just donate?

The first thought that come across my mind, “What if he is a rich guy behind the scene? What if the money not goes to him but other organisation?”

You see, I just can’t trust him that he is a real beggar. I’m afraid that he is not a beggar or maybe he is controlled by the cunning one.

What I do, buy food for him. That’s the only thing I can do, within my ability. Erm, don’t misunderstand that I’m stingy or what. I just can’t give money, even RM1. I prefer to give him food.

Just always remember, you can give what you can. Of course I never ask you to give all of your properties and money to someone poor, then I will call this stupidity, not kind lol!

Do what you can do for the society, that’s good enough? 😉

#2 Be courage

cinderella movie review  (1)In this movie, it taught us to be courage to face any obstacles in life, despite you’re being tortured. But remember it will over. Bad things go, good thing comes. Cinderella was being tortured by her stepmothers, yet, she is still trying to be nice with them and be patient with them. In the end, she got married with the prince and ditch them bye bye lol!

Speak about courage, we need 3 P: Patient, Perseverance and Positive. I believe every one of us lack of that, sometimes. lol.

I’m sure that you have something to fear of, either physically or mentally.

The only way to overcome your fear, be courage. Step out of your comfort zone! You just need to step out and find the way to fight against. That’s it. No one can help you on this, only you are willing to step out!

We often get tired easily and simply give excuses to step out of our comfort zone. Can’t blame. We are just human being, no one is perfect. Today, I want to tell you one thing,

See the unseen.

Always think far, not the past nor present, but future. People often get stuck because they just focus on the present. They want the things to come immediately. (Included me who sometimes too focus on the present but forget about future)

However, success takes time my dear.

Whenever you are tired or stress, relax yourself and input “see the unseen” into your mind. I bet it helps you to repick your motivation and courage.

So I guess that’ all for this post, or else it’s gonna be the long ass post because it has reached more than 700 words when you finished reading lol. Definitely amazed by myself that I can just write more than 700 words in an hour time. More inspiration please!

Good night everyone!



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