What is happiness?

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Before going further, I would like to share a story with you.

I remember it happened on 31 July, because BASKIN ROBIN 31 (BR)! Sister and her boyfriend wanted to have BR after dinner. So they went and dapao.

Then they came home with Mcd Sundae, I was like, ‘I thought you guys want to eat BR?’

They said too long queue in BR, so gave up and went to buy Mcd Sundae instead.

My sister took out the BR’s pink spoon for us, treat it as BR ice-cream to eat.

I realised, this is happiness. Something that we couldn’t buy with money.  I’m impressed by my sister and her boyfriend.  Because both of them can be simply happy and laugh crazily because of one simple thing.  Yes, they are not wealth with the possessions yet they have the best thing in the world, the happiness that money-can’t-buy.

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I inserted the selfie here so that you won’t be bored to read my wordy post LOL! Stay with me, pretty pleaseeee? *puppy eyes*

Last time, I always jealous and envy friends who are rich enough and they can just buy anything they want. I thought they are always happy and joyful. So I tried to chase over those materialistic, tried real hard.

In the end, I always argued with my mum because my mum disagree that I bought too much of luxurious, branded stuff, which I don’t need them and I was just a student, what for I need all the branded stuff? And I was not from a wealthy family.

I was not happy in the end because arguing hurts everybody, it hurts my mum and it hurts myself.

Slowly, my thoughts start to become mature (Please take note that I’m saying that I’m very mature now, still learning) and I realised that I’m rich because I have everything that I need. I have my family, my father and mother and my sisters, who will never leave me alone whenever I have problems. I have my blog which can help me to earn some side income. I have my job that I really love, where the job came itself, not I purposely find it.

All these are the blessings from God!  I’m rich with what God has provided to me and I’m enjoying all the things. A very good testimony that God really provides what I need – My car.

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To summarize, I need a car and initially my family and I came to a final decision where I drive my mum’s manual car temporary.  I’m sucks in driving manual. Because buying a new car is quite expensive and I can’t afford as I’m still a student.

I prayed, prayed for a few weeks that I’m really afraid that I cannot handle manual and so forth. Then no longer, mum told me that my current car has a promotion, discount for RM6.1k and I will have student RM1000 cash voucher from Government, where I can spend half for car accessories, another half for petrol.

So we decided to buy the car, where my sister paid for my down payment and become my guarantor.  My friend claimed that I’m lucky that I have my sister who is able to take care of family and I.  But that’s is not lucky.  That’s how God blessed me by using what I had.

Happiness is not about wealthy.  It can be any simple, little thing that makes you happy, joyful and you’re enjoying it.

I pray that you will live a meaningful life, with a joyful soul, Amen 🙂 “When God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work – this is a gift of God” (Eccl 5:19)



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