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when it comes  (14)
Life is always full of stress. It depends on the way you handle your stress.

Some people choose to complain their life, how bad is their life. I was a bimbo who used to complain a lot. I tweeted to complain everything lol, if you’re following my twitter you’ll hate me a lot I guess xD . Yet, things didn’t get any better through complaining.

I’m blessed, somehow, because I have quite many friends who will give me advise and live my life wonderfully 😛 I’ve been told to tweet positive stuff, not the complaints.

And also, twist the stress/bad to positive energy 所谓正能量. Keep believing that the good will come after the bad one.

I took up the ADVICESSSS. (Noted that there’s a lot of friends talked to me HAHAHAHA) I changed, my twitter is now all about RETWEETING the life motivation quotes. Okay, maybe a little of complaints, SOMETIME. Hahahahah!

Other than that, I, too, keep believing that the obstacles/stress/shit that I faced now is to strengthen, polishing, shaping me into a better person. Keep believing that the affliction will be eclipsed through time and perseverance . You will be unaware that all the shits have just gone like this.

I strongly believing that positivity rules everything. 😀 You just gotta transform the stress into motivation and soon realize that life will be getting better.

Yay happy ending lol. Some pictures to compensate the lack of updates for the past few weeks. I need to blog more I guess:(
when it comes  (6)
Birthday lunch for Claudine. Happy Belated and so sorry that we could not celebrate with you on the exact day.

when it comes  (4)

when it comes  (9)
Seriously in love with my hair colour now! The transformation is just so awesome AHAHAH. From the darkest purple red and it turned into copper brown now. Most importantly is my hair looks much healthier than last time (when I was having super light hair colour)

Right after the celebration, backed home dressed up for another outing. HAHAHA. Super busy okay? 😛
when it comes  (12)

when it comes  (15)
AND I HAS THE PERFECT BROWS EVER! I mean, that was the time that I had the balance brows.

If you notice, HAHAHAHA. My super lovely necklace!

when it comes  (16)
I posted it as Vday present. Guess what, most of my friends thought that it was given by a guy. HAHAHAHH. It’s so fun to fool the people around. 😛 I’m still single. This was given by my beloved girlfriend. 😛 We came out with an idea of exchanging vday present to show appreciation, appreciate to have each other. 😀

Thank you girlfriend. I love you.

when it comes  (29)
With the pretty girl Jolyn. :3

Dinner with the bunch at Santai Bistro. The worst tomato soup every, the worst fish n’ chips ever lol. I usually finish the food because I is hating food wastage. But, I couldn’t finish it for that night because the food is really sucks.

when it comes  (18)

when it comes  (17)

when it comes  (31)

when it comes  (30)

when it comes  (32)

Hang out with Jxhia the next day. Sucha sweet one, she saw my tweets so gave me a call and asked me if I’m okay. Then decided to have a coffee since both of us have nothing to do.
when it comes  (22)

Despite we don’t meet often, I do stalk her on the social media lol. The best is, once we were together we won’t stop talking because we had so much to update each other. Most of the time, she will update me more because my life is seriously really really too boring. HAHAHA. -____- Yea, my life is all about sleep, eat, shit and repeat. Nothing much.

when it comes  (20)
Hi babe, wanna let you know that no matter what you still have us to be with you, support you. Remember to find us if you really feeling down and need someone to talk to.

when it comes  (21)
This time we finally have the same red hair in the camera. LOL. Yea, in the camera, our hair colour is actually brown in real life but TR15 did the magic on our hair. We still remember that how big contrast for our hair colour last time,

when it comes  (1)-horz
Super light brown and super red hair.

when it comes  (19)
Sponsored ootd. All from Cad Wardrobe. Remember to follow them on Instagram: @Cadwardrobe

when it comes  (26)
I shall take more ootd photos! LOL. To encourage myself to dress up more! Coz, you can’t imagine my look when I go for class. Like pasar aunty lol.

Btw, the top is from Zara. Quite a number of people asked where did I buy the top. And I think I’m lucky lol. Coz my girlfriend wanted to buy it but out of her size! Amazingly, it only cost me RM49.90. So bought it without hesitation.

when it comes  (27)-horz
What we did during the boring class lol. Can’t help, Malaysian Studies is just too boring.


More sponsored make up posts coming up! I just can’t stop being thankful and give thanks to God all the times because I have been receiving makeup products and advertorials recently! Awwwww. I’m thinking to organise another giveaway! Giving is good, ever since I’ve been receiving so much blessing.  It’s time for me to give. Teehee

So stay tune!




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