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Why Commit Suicide?

By 八月 22, 2015亂亂想, 那5樣

I bet you have seen a lot of news of commit suicide where most of them are students. If you ask me my opinion towards these cases, I still think that commit suicide is a sin.

Yea, you might saying that hey c’mon, people already dead and yet you don’t pay any sympathy to them. First thing, why should I? I think, still, that no matter what, we MUST NOT “solve” our problems by committing suicide.

But, I’m impressed that they have the courage of doing that. Killing ourself is not easy. Damn, I don’t even dare to hurt myself because I’m afraid of pain. So.. you can see how hopeless he or she until the extend of killing themselves.

I disagree with committing suicide, always. Here are the 5 reasons why I disagree:

#1 Your life is from your parents, from God

You life is given by God, delivered by your parents. And your parents work their best to feed you well, register you to a famous school so that you can have the best education. They are the one who gave you everything. Now, because just “stress”, you choose to kill yourself and then wasted your parents’ effort. And this leads me to second point,

#2 Act of Irresponsible

So irresponsible that you dumb your parents, leave your parents being sad and heartache. If you are the only son or daughter, even worse. They have nobody when they are becoming old and old. Where are you when they need you? You are suppose to take care of them! But where are you.

#3 Problem doesn’t solve

The problem doesn’t solve yet. Okay, let’s take a example, you can’t get good result just like what your sister did. (Recent suicide case) But your result doesn’t become any better after dead? What you did is just to avoid from the problem and stress.

#4 Education is not everything

Always remember that education is not everything. So what if you are graduated from phd, master or whatever. You will still start from Zero when you are working. Experience is the one who decide your career. Seriously, it’s okay that you can’t study. Because some people are not made for getting A’s in life. You can go for your passion or LEARN A SKILL!

I’m sure you know about Bill Gates, he is not A’sssss student. But now he is a billionaire.

You own a skill that can apply to daily life, better than you have the knowledge or theory but doesn’t help you in life.

#5 Everything has its way to solve

I believe that everything can be solved. The matter is just about us, to do or not to do.

Of course, I understand that the stress comes from internal and external. Students need to learn how to cope with the stress and task. They also need to do their best in studies. Not that they can abandon education because they don’t like. They need to do what a student needs to do. That’s the responsibility of theirs. Most importantly, be positive and willing to learn.

Parents need to be open-minded. Stop forcing your children to fulfil what you can’t achieve in the past. They are not machine but your children. Be open-minded that result is not everything, education is not everything, A’s is not everything. If you children graduated from high school and they have their own passion, just let it be. 

Anyway, once again, we need communication. Children need to learn to communicate with parents. And parents be willing to listen too. Not just “ordering” your children to do this and that!!! Learn how to communicate, learn how to listen and achieve the mutual understanding.

And… problem solve? But I understand that, not that easy. Just keep on trying?

Just my two cents. And I’m glad that I don’t even care about the result and compare with my sisters and let myself die lol! If I care about it, I would die earlier because my peers around are all top students! LOL, and I’m not any. 😛

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I’m glad that I have another kind of life experience and today, I love what I do.



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