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YADAH Oh My Sun Block

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Skin care is my passion, I love my skin. I could not bare the skin with flaw. Yea, I always wanted flawless skin. I’m glad that my effort on taking care my skin paid off, with the try and error for each skin care products (Please take note that this is to find which one is the best for my skin).

I won’t admit that my skin is the best, but it is not the worst. 😛

However, our skin always affected by the hormones, air, environment, food and……

UV Rays!

that I hate the most.

Yea, I hate sun. I don’t being exposed under the sun. I can faint, my eyes will be sore too if standing too long period under the sun. Yea, you can call me weak. I will hate the sun, still lol.

Of course, not to forget that my skin also can be affected by the assault of UV Ray. Thus, it is very vital for us to apply sunblock everyday before heading out. I have been nagging at my girlfriends/boyfriends/father/mother/sisters/brothers who don’t apply sunscreen because UV rays can really cause you in trouble nia. I even applied sunblock for my body too because I don’t want my skin to be dull.

Looking for a good sunscreen? Here am I introduce you YADAH Oh My Sun Block.

“The best anti-wrinkle cream is sunscreen – worn every day when you were a child. Because nearly everything you see on your face when you hit your mid-30’s and beyond (fine lines, spots, wrinkles, sagging skin) is from unprotected sun exposure.” Extracted from www.prevention.com.

Yea, anti-aging. Girls you should start to apply NOW.

When it comes to sun cream, it is all about the texture. What’s different about YADAH Oh My Sun Block from other brands is that it is 100% colorless and transparent (zero color pigments) which means no makeup remover is need, highly moisturizing, fast-absorbing, non-tinted, non-sticky and non-greasy.

YADAH Oh My Sun Block has an exceptionally lightweight texture in matte finish, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Safe to use on skin even for children.

I love it because it contains natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender. Skin free from chemicals, isn’t feel good? Moreover, it is fast-absorbing until you won’t feel anything on your face.

I’m not sure if you know about it or not. It is good that to remove make up everyday! I mean, even though you’re without make up, you should clean your face with makeup remover before washing your face, to remove the dirt and dust that stayed on your skin for whole day.

And… You should always apply it when you apply SUNSCREEN. It is a must because the sunscreen acts as the outer layer for your skin to prevent the dirt! If you don’t remove the outer layer, how are you going to clean your face thoroughly right?


If you apply Yadah Oh My Sunblock, you can choose not to remove the outer layer! So this is good for those who don’t apply make up every and a lazy one lol. No makeup remover is needed.

Anyway, I think it is better to clean your face with makeup remover before cleaning your face. Trust me.

This is the bare face after applying Yadah Oh My Sun Block. It doesn’t feel oily or even look oily and greasy. Ahh, the eyes without contact lenses is like without the soul HAHAHA. (Fyi, the redness on my face is because I did superb deep cleaning on my face that day. Yea, pressing the white heads and so forth with tools. So painful)

Thanks Yadah for sending this Sun Block for me and I really like it so much.

For more information, you can visit this page : https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia

Some selfies with the Sun Block ahahaha.

Giveaway time!

Before ending this post, I decided to give away this YADAH Oh My Sun Block for my readers! Yes, a brand new, sealed Sun Block. Because Yadah has been treating me too good by sending another one for me just because the box is spoilt. T____T I’m so touched seriously. All glory to God that I have good people surround me.

How to win? It’s very easy.

Share this post on your Facebook profile with the caption,

“I want to win Yadah Oh My Sun Block from #nicccchang”

Remember to set this post as ‘Public’ so that I could check your post with the #hashtag. Also, don’t forget the “#” HAHAHAH. Hashtag on Facebook is the best creation ever!

By 20 February, I will end the application for this giveaway and pick the winner randomly with the random selector. HAHAHAHA. Teehee, so share now to try your luck because it is just so easy, I don’t need you to comment or follow me, just share on your facebook and copy paste the caption that I provided!

That’s all. I shall continue to do my presentation for Malaysian Studies. -.-



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