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This post gonna do a review for the brand new skin care products from Korea and the beauty site,  Hermo.my . And dang,

YADAH it is!!!

Yadah is a range of botanical skincare products formulated with natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs etc. that works in perfect harmony with the skin. The gentle yet effective formulas are 100% free from artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and do not contain animal extracts of any kind. They are most suitable for young skin as this particular age range have more tender skin that is more vulnerable to harsh chemicals.

So here is the face of Yadah! SHO EFFINGLY CUTE. *kiss kiss

Somehow I think I look like her now. HAHAHAHAHAH WTF.

Below is her pet alien. Please tell me why sho cute.

Here is some special features for Yadah. 🙂

The key ingredient found in all Yadah products is the native Opuntia Ficus extract, a unique cactus species organically grown and cultivated in Korea. Opuntia Ficus is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties which help neutralise free radicals harmful to the skin. Cactus is one of the few rare plants that can survive extreme weather conditions from the scorching hot barren sands to the freezing harsh winters in the deserts because of its unique ability to reduce water loss and it is for this very reason that it is able to prevent water evaporation from the epidermis and acts as a natural moisturiser to keep skin soft and hydrated both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks Hermo.my for the efficiency! It only takes one day to reach my home. :3

Hermo.my sent me the trial set of Yadah which included Vitamin Emulsion and Toner, Anti-T Emulsion and Toner, BB cream, Sun cream, Cleansing nose pack, Brightening mask and ampoule.

Came with a unfolded box and too bad of all. I have tried trillion times to fold it and I can’t. Too noob it is. SORRY. So just posted unfolded box of Yadah. :-/ I really tried my best but I still didn’t know how to fold it.

All the information of each Yadah’s product.

Please tell me how could it be so cute! The transparent pouch made me so excited XD

Vitamin Toner : Enriched with organic Opuntia Ficus to soothe and hydrate the skin. Specially formulated with orange and lemon extracts filled with vitamins.Refreshing,Toning, and Brightening. Seriously its smell is good, so fresh! Haven’t got the time to try it out. I will an after used review post soon. 🙂

Vitamin Emulsion : Filled full with natural goodness similar to the Vitamin Toner in a light matte-fluid texture leaving the skin naturally moist, brightened and velvety soft.

Anti-T Toner : Formulated with native Korean blackberry to control excess sebum and reduce inflammation and free from preservatives, paraben, fragrance, TEA, benzophenone, artificial colouring, mineral oil and animal extract. It helps to sweep away dead skin cells that can lead to breakouts and tighten pores and calm down blemish-prone skin.

Anti-T Emulsion : It contains Eucalyptus, clove flower and citrus fruits and free from paraben, fragrance, TEA, benzophenone, artificial colouring, mineral oil and animal extract. It helps to mattifies skin and keep it shine-free.

Brightening mask pack! The most adorable packaging that I had ever seen! :3

Brightening ampoule which helps to reduce the dark spot.

And here is famous cleansing nose pack. I heard a lot of good reviews for this and super effective on removing blackheads. I gonna try it out soon and post it out okay?

Sun cream : Super-effective high protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Natural and organic-based extracts make it less irritating to the skin. It can be used alone or as the last step in your daily skincare routine.

BB cream : Anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidant, brightening, UV sun protection, moisturizing, sebum control, and the best part of all, it comes in pink and yellow undertones for natural-looking skin coverage. It is available in Light Beige and Natural Beige.

So what you’re waiting for? Quickly head on to http://www.hermo.my/yadah to own Yadah! If you’re afraid of Yadan might no suit for your skin, you can always purchase the trial set above to have a try first. If the products work on you, then you can buy the full products from Hermo.my

Thanks Hermo.my and Yadah. Remember to like their facebook page here and here for more updates and latest information! And Hermo is on Instagram too! Remember to follow them : @hermomy

I will up another post about after used review soon! 🙂



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