Yea festival @ Times Square, Penang

Last Thursday, the coursemates and I went to Yea to have our dinner, as the pre celebration for my 21st birthday. Actually it’s just a simple makan festival and outing for the gang since ever we have separated for classes now. :-/

The girls said it’s a must to dress up for that night cause wanna take picture. LOLLL

And yeaa, sucha long time never ban leng leng. Here you go, yours turly.

Seriously, my baby sonnie cam did a good job. The intelligent auto mode is awesome. It’s something like helping you to photoshop the photos immediately. Teeehehee. Save my time to adjust the lighting etc. LOL. Baby cam will do.

Having fun at the balcony of my crib. Lol! Sad of all, there’s no full length mirror there. Hmm, wait, I gotta buy it myself there soon. Every time I cant see my full body after dressing up, so mafan have to come out to the balcony there and have a look to see okay or not. LOL. Hiong hor:?

Some friends saw my photos and asked me whether Im a part time model. HAHAHAHA! I wish to be. xD Okay, in my dream. ==

Yessh! This is the new heels that I bought. Lazy to bring up and down from Ipoh to Penang. So decided to buy one pair and store at penang crib. Genius right? Ipoh got heels wear, Penang also got. No need I take them along to travel around. Duhhh. Dont worry, this heels is super cheap from Pragin Mall too. Hohoho. Budget shopping rocksss!!

Oh yeaa, this heels hurted me so much. Lol. Dint get used to wear this kind of heels. All my heels are ‘open-air’ one. Ahhh, dont know how to describe. LOL.

Okay, before we got up to the car, chik chak with ah teng first. She is elder than me but she looks younger than me alot. =___=  I better keep young to look young. LOL. Piak, ignore me. Crapping.

Reached here at about 6.30pm. We being punctual for it. Hehe.

It’s a buffet actually but more to Japanese. Actually got alot of things to eat but we dint have the time. The Yea limited the time. We could only eat for two hours. So hor, the first thing we did was, took all the food which is expensive and yet cant fill your stomach much one. LOL. Brilliant? No, it’s the actual way to eat buffet. 🙂

Show you some pictures of the place. Forget to adjust the exposure. =___=

The food and fruits. Lol.

Have no idea what is this. LOL. Dint take anything from here.

So sorry for the blur pic. This is the favourtie place of mine!! LOL. Stood there and eat the mashmallow with the chocolate. Slurrppp!

The dessert. Hehehe. Dessert is love! But then dont take any of here. Lol. Taste sucks.

Look so chio. They cheated me with their appearance and so I took quite a lot of them. In the end, my dear girlfriend finished up for me. LOL. She is a super dessert lover. No matter she can eat all of them.

All the steam steam one.

Golden needle mushroom. Our favourite! It’s a must to eat for steamboat. See, Cat took all like nobody business. LOL. This was the first batch of them only. More after that!

Blur again. Failed. Some other food here too. Dint take also. No time to eat. wtf.

Hello ice-cream. My favourite too. Hee. But I seldom eat coz it’s not really good to always have ice-cream. 🙁 Not good for stomach.

Scallop! Guess how many plates we took. Uncountable. Lol!

The waiter helped us to cook the food. So nice service. hehe.

It’s DONE! Yummy. Juicy. Yaaa it was juicy and yummy! 😀

Undone. The prawn not really that fresh.

And abalone! LOLLL. We took the whole plate from there. X)

So nice of him. He helped us the most compare to the other table. hehehe. Ofc lo, cook for us mah. Leng lui more in our table. HAHAHAHA!

They are talented to be part timer here. LOL!

This is the heaven!!!! Oh my god. I love chocolate so muchhhhhh. Totally went crazy over it. Me and another girlfriend just stood at there and ate. Like the kids. Whatever.

And we took some to our place for the others too.

I miss the mashmallow pls. =___=

Forgot it’s the second or third round. LOL. The choco watermelon made my girlfriend. In the end, it cold become like choco watermelon favour biscuit. X)

Owh, nearly forgot about the crabssss. Not nice one. I perfer those seafood restaurant one. Jeng.

It’s not nice cause meat very less lor. Aiyor.

Lastly, thanks for the surprise. Very funny when they revealed the story to me. At that time I was busying with the choco fudge there and stood there for quite some time to eat the mashmallow. Lol. They worried I never come back and kept on asking why she so long havent come back one. HAHAHA!. So cute of them .

Thanks a lot. 😀

Cat still eating when she left. LOL. And I love her bag from Charles&Keith. Too bad when I wanna buy that time, no more colours for me to choose, only black. Dont want. LOL

The end of the photo post.

Once again, thankyou for everything!



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