You Can’t Please Everyone

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Maybe one day, you are tired with the people. I mean, you gonna have this day. Just you are tired because everything you do seems like can’t be perfect enough.

The fact is, you can’t please everyone in this world, including yourself…

Firstly, things always can’t be perfect because we are not perfect. God is the only one who is perfect one. I understand all of us have high expectation on the effort that we pay. You work hard work smart for it, and think that it’s the way to achieve what you want. However, things doesn’t always turn out to be what you imagine.

I always tell myself that “at least I tried hard”, if the things don’t turn out to be what I wanted for. If that’s your dream, then you should not give up easily, just keep on try and try until the day you success. Dream is not easy to achieve.

There are some people who always love to critic and comment about your everything, as if they are you father, mother, brother or sister. In fact, they are nobody to you. When you success, they will go like “omg you are so lucky!” (They just ignore all your effort and hardwork). When you fail, they will be like “See, I told you, you can’t do it.”

Then you will be demotivated and discouraged by the negativity.

C’mon, you can’t please everyone in the world. No matter what you do and how you work hard on it, still, there will be some people who love to comments and critic. Why shall we care so much and cause ourselves to be unhappy?

What we need to do is? Listen all of the critic and comments, don’t ever voice out. Listen, and filter those comments ourselves. Good one, we absorb it. Bad one, just forgot about it. We don’t argue with them, don’t fight. That’s why God made us two ears and a mouth. This is one of the purposes.

Life is short. Why don’t be happy for yourself? Surround yourself with positive vibes, avoid those people who will drag you down! You will feel much better.
Btw, I seriously need a new series of photos lol! This weekend gonna work harder! 😛 Well, passion kills!



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