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Z to O and O . Shout it out ZOO!! :-D

By 八月 3, 2011亂亂想, 生活

Im so sorry my dearest! I insist to update with this post though…. it’s longgggggggg time ago. ahahaha! But no choice, I feel so uncomfortable if i dint update this. So dearest, just bear with it. Or maybe you guys can read and recall back all the memories. So sweet. Especially  memories with ME! ahahahaha!

You know who’re we. 🙂 Coz I already mentioned them trillion times in my blog. ;-D

So this time, we went Zoo! Taiping Zoo. Actually I told this plan to pupu long time ago, but he kinda ignored and said that ‘Dont be so childish!’ Are you regretting now pupu?? xD If you’re, pls face the wall and tell the wall that you’re wrong! xD Headed on this Taiping Zoo trip after he left to S’pore. LOL. 😛
p/s: most of the pictures I stole from babes’ blog. xD

Early in the morning, all of us gathered at Mcd. All squeezed into two cars and off to Taiping. Woohoo!

 I followed Liang gege’s car. Well, his driving skill not that horrible mah. Everybody said that he’s a dangerous driver. Hmmmm.

My bagpack. Back to school time. LOL.

With the helping of GPS, reached taiping safely. 🙂 and Zoo time now!


Bought the tickets from here. There’re child and adult price. Cant we just take the child’s ticket?? LOL. 😛 We’re still young okay. aha!

Ha be with the tickets. I miss you so much darlingg :-S

Now my turn. Teehee. Okay, sugar said it’s too dark. 
Take 2. It’s bright. 😀
Super excited. Like a kid’s first time. Errr, sounds wrong. I meant go to Zoo xD. All jumping around. Btw, have no idea why we stood infront of the counter there for quite a long time. xD
Okay, if you’re wondering why were we wearing the pink shirt and sneakers and cap, we purposely. HAHA! The dress code for this little trip: PINKishhhh! Owhhh. So sweet. hehe.
Arent we look sweet??? ehehhehe.
Tengok itu siao za bo. xD 
Yayyyy! Everyone in the picture!
Go go go go! 
Very happy. hahahha!
Down the pictures, All are animals.
Saw this kandang kosong. ‘Nic! I think you should go inside and pose there and let the visitors to take the pictures.’ They said this. -.- 
I personally LIKE their buttss! hahahha!

See the butt! LOL. Feel like pinching it. Omg, pervert.
It;s so hot you know. Luckily! Our brilliant Sugar brought this! xD
So cute right??? I grabbed it from him for my own use, successfully. hahahahahha!
With Ha be! and little fan fan.
My ladiesssss. fan fan again. xDDD
The fish! Once we see them, erm, WE WANT TO EAT STEAM FISH! Terrible. lollll.
A little notti boy
 This Fella. Fella! Manyak ego tau? Grrr. Act like a big brother there. Okay la. He’s big in his little crib. lolll

Crocodile! Ermmm, we’re terrible. ‘Handbag handbag. Crocodile skin!’ 😛

Had a little rest. So tiring to walk around you know! Feel so old. Nope, im lack of exercising. :S Hmm, well, Im so lazy to do that too. HAHAHAHAH! 
Ate sikirim too. So freaking hot the weather. =.=

Budak! So bad of me. I ate sikirim infront of them. The way they looked at me, nope, was the sikirim sooo pathethic. Yum gong. I felt so bad, shouldnt do that. They’re just kid. Oh my God, Im sinful. 🙁
Okay, you can straight scroll down coz im posting up all animal’s phtos.

 Pig? LOL. Honestly, it’s the first time for me to see a pig with hu soh. Hu soh zhu~

 Err, Lion. Botak lion. It’s too old laaaa. Or maybe, Yun Nan hair care can help 😀

 Being inside the zoo, until like this. Sot jor. Pity. 🙁

 This is love. hehe.

 Chan bebe said she wants their legs. Oopps. no way! Too thin baby! Your legs are nice enough. 😉

 Poker face. Dont know why, it gave me a poker face’s feeling. lolllll

Ostrich!!! Black pepper ostrich is nice! LOL. But thisss, no fresh no fresh jor. Just pay a little attention at its butt, BOTAK one! If cook, dont cook this ostrich. xD

As we’re walking, we’re actually keep on naming the dishes’ name. Steam fish la, black pepper ostrich laaa, crocodile meat is heaven, and BEAR’s CLAWs or PAWs Hmm, have no idea which term should i use, English pro teach me the right one plsss. No cure, we love food so much and hungry all the way. That’s why. 😀

Oh yea, never forget how it eat the leaf. Yum gong. Well, will post up the video on how it eat the leaf. xD

Polka Dots is love.

Prepare to swim. Cool~

Guess what. This tiger is sponsored by….


After walking the whole zoo, decide to ride on this tut tut stupid ccar. LOL. We paid for it, dont care, and dont mind to visit the zoo one more round with it. Lol.Kekeke.
Hair sucks day, due to sweating. =.= while waiting the tut tut car. 
Hey the peepo! ♥♥
On the stupid car,
 Darlingsssss!♥ Smile happily! Miss me? No, YES! I miss you all. Muacks.
So proud that Sugar was the one sat beside me. *Blush. LOL. 

Okay, no more picture after this. Lunch and headed home already. 🙂

Darlingsss, I miss you all so much, seriously.really.
Oh yea, before i end my post. I would like to say thankyou for stalking my blog. Well, continue stalking plsss and click the ads too if you can. LOLL. So did you check on anything about your boyfie through my blog?? 🙂 Actually you can come to me to get what you want, I will try my best to ans you, if and only if I know the ans. xD
You know who you’re. 🙂
Quite sad, Every boy’s friend of mine who has girlfriend, their girlfriends will sure stalk me each and every day! Then if I blogged something about them, something like a photo with my boy’s friend, her boy; Or something that he dintt want and gave it to me. Sure, for sure she will taruh his boy, means my boy’s friend. Then he will say, ‘pls dont blog anything that’s related with me’.  Guys, get me? xD
=.= Wtf now? I cant blog whatever I like isit? Well, am I really look that bitch?? =.= Okay la, in another way, Maybe Im too pretty until the girlfriends afraid that their boys get attracted by me! HAHAHAHHA! Muka tembok. 😛 Just to comfort myself abit a bit bit little little bit. :-/
End of this post.

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