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Zero Tema BB Cream

life (18)
Hello there. Sorry for the hiatus! And I’m really sorry it is an advertorial. AHH, I didnt mean to. I will try my best to update as much as I can after exam. AFTER EXAM IS MA HOLIDAYSSS HOLIDAYSS HOLIDAYSSS. Lol! Okay, just another three more days and the end of the torments!

And yay! This post is gonna be a review for Zero Tema BB cream from K-Palette!

“K-Palette is an ideal makeup brand that enables individuals to develop their own unique style.”

kpalettemalaysia (10)
Thank you K-Palette Malaysia for this BB cream! Owh, just love the pink tube so much! Isn’t lovely? Okay la, everything in pink definitely wins my heart. Typical girl is typical girl.

So this is the face, bare face. Just applied toner and moisturizer. If you notice, there are some red spots on my face, which I dont know why. It’s like every single time, right after washing face, red spots will be there. Maybe sensitive? LOL.
kpalettemalaysia (1)
Owh without the brows, so ugly. -.-

Okay, just press a little bit of cream and put on your face. Here… I accidentally pressing too much HAHAHAHAH! Sorry ar, so just pat all on my face. 😛
kpalettemalaysia (2)

I love this BB cream because it made up of natural ingredients! Parabens free, mineral oil free, fragrance free, synthethic dyes free! 😀 Trust me, natural ingredients works gently on your skin.

Guess what, this BB cream can be removed with the face cleanser! For those lazy girl, this is specially for you X) The formulation works gently on your skin as oily ingredients don’t touch the skin directly. The oily ingredients are wrapped with the ingredients which are fused by soap, which makes it easy to clean with only soap!

Amazing? Yea, it is amazing my dear!

kpalettemalaysia (3)
The thing that I real concerned is the moisture of the cream. Coz some BB cream is sucks, it dried up your skin and made your skin crack. I meant, the layer of bb cream that you applied on your face will crack one then caused a ‘fake wrinkles’ on your face. -_______-

This BB cream definitely my new favourite! It composed of low molecular beauty essences which can penetrate quickly into skin. Definitely moisturize your skin from inside out!

kpalettemalaysia (5)
Pat the cream evenly on your face and tadanggggggggggggggg!


kpalettemalaysia (6)
I closed up my face for you and see clearly! Did you see that? I have shiny face and pores covered up :3

Okay, I have to make something clear. Some people thinks that shiny is oily. You’re wrong please. There is differences between an OILY FACE and a GLOW SHINE FACE. This topic, I will talk bout it next time. LOL

I dislike my face being dull. Thus, I always prefer products with pearly ingredients! I’m glad that this BB cream is composed of pearly ingredients that brightens up your skin tone!

kpalettemalaysia (8)
Last but not least, DRAW YOUR BROWS! LOL Then you can have the brilliant natural look for your day out! :3

Oh yea, did i mention? Zero Tema BB cream is selling at RM59.90 only! Affordable right? :3 Yea, K-palette is available at selected SASA outlets.

For more information, you can head to https://www.facebook.com/KPaletteMy/ and have a look on the other products of theirs as well! I do have the eye tattoo K-palette eyeliner too, which is another awesome eyeliner!

Remember to LIKE their page!




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